Phenotype: stomata density
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AraGWAS Associations:
Stomata density was measured using high-throughput microscopy from 7 week old Arabidopsis plants. Values represent the mean of 3 replicates
Growth conditions:
Plants were grown for 7 weeks in growth chambers (one per block) under the following conditions: 16 hr light; 95μmol s−¹mm−² light intensity; and 20°Cday‐and 18°C night temperature. Plants were watered twice a weekand trays shuffled and rotated every two to three days to accoun tfor variable conditions within the chambers
Environment ontology:
'5.70e-01' (p-value)
Submission date:
July 26, 2019, 1:48 p.m.
* The Shapiro-Wilk test tests the null hypothesis that the data was drawn from a normal distribution.
Geographic distribution of 330 accessions
Phenotype Publications
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