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Arabidopsis thaliana
Collected on:
51.32 / 82.55
CS number:
Scored in 14 phenotypes:
Phenotype NameTrait Ontology (TO)Environmental Ontoloy (EO)Unit Ontology (UO)# valuesStudyValue (mean)
M216T665metabolite content traitconcentration unit418DAAR10.67
M130T666metabolite content traitconcentration unit418DAAR8.42
M172T666metabolite content traitconcentration unit418DAAR12.49
FT10days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday11631001genomes flowering time phenotypes86.0
FT16days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday11231001genomes flowering time phenotypes104.3333333
Inter-specific pollination of Arabidopsis thaliana and Malcolmia littoreahybrid incompatibilitygrowth chamber studycount unit339Inter-specific pollination of Arabidopsis thaliana and Malcolmia littorea2.75
Lengthstem lengthgrowth chamber studylength unit6801001 Genomes & easyGWAS45.0
DTF2days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday9311001 Genomes & easyGWAS102.25
DTF3days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday9231001 Genomes & easyGWAS104.3333333
DTF1days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday9361001 Genomes & easyGWAS98.0
RLleaf numbergrowth chamber studycount unit8501001 Genomes & easyGWAS23.5
CLcauline axillary branch numbergrowth chamber studycount unit9041001 Genomes & easyGWAS5.666666667
RBNprimary branch numbergrowth chamber studycount unit6741001 Genomes & easyGWAS4.333333333
Diameterflower diametergrowth chamber studylength unit6561001 Genomes & easyGWAS19.66666667