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Natural variation in stomata size (Dittberner et al. 2018)Measurements of stomata site, density and water use efficiency as described by Dittberner et al. 2018 in Molecular Ecology DOI: 10.1111/mec.148386Jul/31/2019
Gravitropic setpoint angle (GSA)Cytokinin functions as an asymmetric and anti-gravitropic signal in lateral roots. Data from the Nature Communications paper by Waidmann et. al. 2019.
Genetic dissection of shoot regeneration from root explants in Arabidopsis (Lardon et al., 2020)In the frame of a genome-wide association study, we have subjected 170 natural Arabidopsis thaliana accessions to two protocol variants for shoot regeneration from root explants and recorded substantial variation in regenerated shoot numbers and several related in vitro traits. The results of this study are reported in "The genetic framework of shoot regeneration in Arabidopsis comprises master regulators and conditional fine-tuning factors" (Lardon et al., Commun. Biol., 2020).28Aug/20/2020
Seed longevity (Renard et. al., 2020)Four different seed aging treatments (3 artificial treatments (AAT, CDT and EPPO) and dry seed storage (NAT)) were scored in 269 Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes.4Aug/26/2020
Isoprenoid concentrationNatural variation of seven different isoprenoids in 118 different accessions7Oct/25/2020
Pb Mine soilArabidopsis thaliana (360 accessions) were cultivated in two soil types with contrasted Pb concentration placed in a growth chamber. Germination and survival were monitored and rosette diameter (RD) of 3 individuals per accession and soil type was measured weekly for 4 weeks. Growth rate of each accession was calculated as mean(RDMine) / mean(RD Control) of the last RD measure. Fifty-day old plants were harvested to measure its nutrient mineral contents.15Aug/06/2021