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Arabidopsis thaliana
Albert Kranz
Collected on:
38.07 / 13.22
CS number:
Scored in 26 phenotypes:
Phenotype NameTrait Ontology (TO)Environmental Ontoloy (EO)Unit Ontology (UO)# valuesStudyValue (mean)
Yield sweden 2009 (2nd experiment)seed weightgram335Flowering time in simulated seasons0.067
Yield spain 2009 (2nd experiment)seed weightgram346Flowering time in simulated seasons0.0665
YieldPlantingSummerLocSweden2009seed weightdimensionless unit367Flowering time in simulated seasons-0.0660741
Yield spain 2009 (1st experiment)seed weightgram394Flowering time in simulated seasons0.2585
YieldPlantingSummer2009seed weightgram396Flowering time in simulated seasons0.0875741
Yield sweden 2009 (1st experiment)seed weightgram401Flowering time in simulated seasons0.1895
SizePlantingSummerLocSweden2009dimensionless unit419Flowering time in simulated seasons3.45
Size sweden 2009 (2nd experiment)centimeter430Flowering time in simulated seasons3.6
YieldLocSweden2009seed weightdimensionless unit434Flowering time in simulated seasons0.0840741
Size spain 2009 (2nd experiment)centimeter444Flowering time in simulated seasons7.375
SizePlantingSummer2009dimensionless unit449Flowering time in simulated seasons-3.2
Area sweden 2009 (1st experiment)square centimeter456Flowering time in simulated seasons22532.5
YieldMainEffect2009seed weightdimensionless unit466Flowering time in simulated seasons-0.0870741
SizeLocSweden2009dimensionless unit469Flowering time in simulated seasons-1.875
Size sweden 2009 (1st experiment)centimeter470Flowering time in simulated seasons4.3
Area sweden 2009 (2nd experiment)square centimeter474Flowering time in simulated seasons12811.5
Size spain 2009 (1st experiment)centimeter475Flowering time in simulated seasons11.65
DTFplantingSummer2009days to flowering traitdimensionless unit478Flowering time in simulated seasons-7.5
SizeMainEffect2009dimensionless unit478Flowering time in simulated seasons2.575
DTFplantingSummerLocSweden2009days to flowering traitdimensionless unit478Flowering time in simulated seasons5.5