Accession: Ådal 1
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Arabidopsis thaliana
Alison Anastasio
Collected on:
62.8622 / 18.336
CS number:
Scored in 33 phenotypes:
Phenotype NameTrait Ontology (TO)Environmental Ontoloy (EO)Unit Ontology (UO)# valuesStudyValue (mean)
stomata densityadaxial stomatal frequencygrowth chamber studydensity unit330Natural variation in stomata size (Dittberner et al. 2018)133.333333333
stomata density 261adaxial stomatal frequencygrowth chamber studydensity unit261Natural variation in stomata size (Dittberner et al. 2018)113.333333333
FT10days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday11631001genomes flowering time phenotypes106.75
FT16days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday11231001genomes flowering time phenotypes140.0
DTF2days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday9311001 Genomes & easyGWAS128.3333333
DTF3days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday9231001 Genomes & easyGWAS140.0
DTF1days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday9361001 Genomes & easyGWAS122.3333333
Diameterflower diametergrowth chamber studylength unit6561001 Genomes & easyGWAS14.0
FruitNumberfruit set traitgrowth chamber studydimensionless unit440Adaptive diversification of growth allometry in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana70.0
Gravitropic setpoint angle (GSA)gravity response traitin vitro growth mediumangle unit214Gravitropic setpoint angle (GSA)10.4833333333
Inter-specific pollination of Arabidopsis thaliana and Malcolmia littoreahybrid incompatibilitygrowth chamber studycount unit339Inter-specific pollination of Arabidopsis thaliana and Malcolmia littorea1.0
rosetteDMplant dry weightgrowth chamber studymilligram451Adaptive diversification of growth allometry in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana1087.745
RBNprimary branch numbergrowth chamber studycount unit6741001 Genomes & easyGWAS13.0
Root length (Day 1)root lengthlimited iron regimenmillimeter133Satbhai et. al. Nature Communications 20172.711725167
Root length (Day 2)root lengthlimited iron regimenmillimeter134Satbhai et. al. Nature Communications 20176.267661667
Root length (Day 3)root lengthlimited iron regimenmillimeter132Satbhai et. al. Nature Communications 20177.001107833
Root length (Day 4)root lengthlimited iron regimenmillimeter126Satbhai et. al. Nature Communications 20177.737242167
Root length (Day 5)root lengthlimited iron regimenmillimeter131Satbhai et. al. Nature Communications 20178.001508
GR21seed dormancygrowth chamber studypercent161Kerdaffrec et al. 2016100.0
GR21 warmseed dormancygrowth chamber studypercent92Kerdaffrec et al. 201776.536963427