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Arabidopsis thaliana
Marcus Koch
Collected on:
48.3 / 14.45
CS number:
Scored in 558 phenotypes:
Phenotype NameTrait Ontology (TO)Environmental Ontoloy (EO)Unit Ontology (UO)# valuesStudyValue (mean)
Trichome densityleaf trichome densitygrowth chamber studydimensionless unit1trichome_development_epidermis_metal_traits1.0
SDdays to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday1Atwell et. al, Nature 201075.6667
RGR P Fe normrelative root lengthplant growth mediumratio1Root growth rates under nutrient deficiency0.506363778
Width 10plant widthgrowth chamber studycentimeter1Atwell et. al, Nature 20104.6
FLCflowering time traitgrowth chamber studyratio1Atwell et. al, Nature 20100.116
Size sweden 2009 (2nd experiment)centimeter1Flowering time in simulated seasons4.45
Leaf epidermis autofluorescenceleaf morphology traitgrowth chamber studydimensionless unit1trichome_development_epidermis_metal_traits4.0
Storage 56 daysseed dormancygrowth chamber studypercent1Atwell et. al, Nature 201035.0
Meristem zone lengthcell elongation traitmicrometer1Mejion154.381
Metal surrounding trichomesmineral and ion content related traitgrowth chamber studydimensionless unit1trichome_development_epidermis_metal_traits0.0
LFS GHreproductive growth timegrowth chamber studyday1Atwell et. al, Nature 201050.6355
RGR MSrelative root lengthplant growth mediumrate unit1Root growth rates under nutrient deficiency158.1359869
Polyprenolmetabolite content traitgrowth chamber studymicrogram1Isoprenoid concentration46.66
LC Duration GHreproductive growth timegrowth chamber studyday1Atwell et. al, Nature 201066.4477
At1bacterial disease resistancegrowth chamber studycolony forming unit1Atwell et. al, Nature 20101.833
root length day002 minusZnroot lengthplant growth mediummicron pixel1Root growth under Zn deficiency Bouain et al. 2018230.367625
Li7lithium concentrationgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit1Atwell et. al, Nature 20106.26983
FRIflowering time traitgrowth chamber studyratio1Atwell et. al, Nature 20100.7402
SizeLocSweden2009dimensionless unit1Flowering time in simulated seasons1.125
Leaf roll 10leaf margin serratedgrowth chamber studydimensionless unit1Atwell et. al, Nature 20101.0