Accession: ÖMö2-1
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Arabidopsis thaliana
Magnus Nordborg
Collected on:
56.14 / 15.78
CS number:
Scored in 288 phenotypes:
Phenotype NameTrait Ontology (TO)Environmental Ontoloy (EO)Unit Ontology (UO)# valuesStudyValue (mean)
Zn66zinc concentrationgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit16170Ion Concentration126.148450517
As75arsenic concentrationgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit16116Ion Concentration0.667974114833
Se82selenium concentrationgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit16206Ion Concentration13.3285549367
Rb85lodicule morphology traitgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit16212Ion Concentration89.0826198833
Mo98molybdenum concentrationgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit16212Ion Concentration3.20694044333
Cd111cadmium concentrationgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit16206Ion Concentration0.779576566333
Inter-specific pollination of Arabidopsis thaliana and Malcolmia littoreahybrid incompatibilitygrowth chamber studycount unit678Inter-specific pollination of Arabidopsis thaliana and Malcolmia littorea3.3333333335
Area sweden 2009 (1st experiment)square centimeter456Flowering time in simulated seasons9170.0
SizePlantingSummer2009dimensionless unit449Flowering time in simulated seasons-2.825
Size sweden 2009 (2nd experiment)centimeter430Flowering time in simulated seasons12.675
Area sweden 2009 (2nd experiment)square centimeter474Flowering time in simulated seasons10698.5
DTF sweden 2008 (1st experiment)days to flowering traitday360Flowering time in simulated seasons87.0
SizeLocSweden2009dimensionless unit469Flowering time in simulated seasons6.725
DTFplantingSummerLocSweden2009days to flowering traitdimensionless unit478Flowering time in simulated seasons-2.0
DTFlocSweden2008days to flowering traitdimensionless unit359Flowering time in simulated seasons19.8029
DTFlocSweden2009days to flowering traitdimensionless unit479Flowering time in simulated seasons-0.5
DTF spain 2009 (1st experiment)days to flowering traitday480Flowering time in simulated seasons102.75
DTFplantingLoc2008days to flowering traitdimensionless unit358Flowering time in simulated seasons-5.62791
DTF spain 2009 (2nd experiment)days to flowering traitday480Flowering time in simulated seasons136.75
Size sweden 2009 (1st experiment)centimeter470Flowering time in simulated seasons16.45