Study: Lifetime fitness in Germany and Spain under rainfall manipulation
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Data from Exposito-Alonso et al. (2019). A map of climate change-driven natural selection in Arabidopsis thaliana. Nature. The data is comprised of three fitness traits in eight experimental environments and 98 climate variables of origin. Fitness traits include Survival from germination to reproductive adult, the number of Seeds produced per individual adult, and the product of both (Fitness). The traits have already been scaled by the mean of the experimental population, so they are relative fitness traits. The codes of each experiment follow a three letter format. The first position is either "m" from Madrid (Spain), "t" from Tuebingen (Germany). The second position is either "h" from high rainfall or "l" from low rainfall. The third position is either "p" from population replicate pot (where plants are at high density), or "i" from an individual replicate pot (where there was one plant per pot). In combination, for example, the code "mlp" refers to the fitness in the experiment of Madrid, at low precipitation, and high plant population density in the plot. Climate variables were used to understand the relationship between genome variation and environment of origin. They were derived intersecting the geographic coordinates where natural lines were originally collected and climate maps from (and derived metrics).

Phenotype NameTrait Ontology (TO)Environmental Ontoloy (EO)Unit Ontology (UO)# values
rFitness mhiyield traitfield studyratio512
rFitness mhpyield traitfield studyratio512
rFitness mliyield traitfield studyratio512
rFitness mlpyield traitfield studyratio512
rFitness thiyield traitfield studyratio512
rFitness thpyield traitfield studyratio512
rFitness tliyield traitfield studyratio512
rFitness tlpyield traitfield studyratio512
rSurvival fruit mhiyield traitfield studyratio512
rSurvival fruit mhpyield traitfield studyratio512
rSurvival fruit mliyield traitfield studyratio512
rSurvival fruit mlpyield traitfield studyratio512
rSurvival fruit thiyield traitfield studyratio512
rSurvival fruit thpyield traitfield studyratio512
rSurvival fruit tliyield traitfield studyratio512
rSurvival fruit tlpyield traitfield studyratio512
rSeeds mhiyield traitfield studyratio511
rSeeds mhpyield traitfield studyratio512
rSeeds mliyield traitfield studyratio423