Accession: ALL1-2
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Arabidopsis thaliana
Valerie Le Corre
Collected on:
45.2667 / 1.48333
CS number:
Scored in 208 phenotypes:
Phenotype NameTrait Ontology (TO)Environmental Ontoloy (EO)Unit Ontology (UO)# valuesStudyValue (mean)
Size spain 2009 (1st experiment)centimeter475Flowering time in simulated seasons12.925
DTFplantingSummer2009days to flowering traitdimensionless unit478Flowering time in simulated seasons8.0
DTFplantingSummer2008days to flowering traitdimensionless unit359Flowering time in simulated seasons6.0
SizeMainEffect2009dimensionless unit478Flowering time in simulated seasons3.85
DTF spain 2008 (1st experiment)days to flowering traitday360Flowering time in simulated seasons65.75
YieldPlantingSummer2009seed weightgram396Flowering time in simulated seasons0.263574
DTF sweden 2009 (1st experiment)days to flowering traitday479Flowering time in simulated seasons63.25
YieldLocSweden2009seed weightdimensionless unit434Flowering time in simulated seasons0.266574
DTF spain 2008 (2nd experiment)days to flowering traitday359Flowering time in simulated seasons54.0
YieldMainEffect2009seed weightdimensionless unit466Flowering time in simulated seasons-0.150074
YieldPlantingSummerLocSweden2009seed weightdimensionless unit367Flowering time in simulated seasons-0.372574
Yield sweden 2009 (1st experiment)seed weightgram401Flowering time in simulated seasons0.309
DTF sweden 2009 (2nd experiment)days to flowering traitday480Flowering time in simulated seasons64.5
DTF sweden 2008 (2nd experiment)days to flowering traitday360Flowering time in simulated seasons52.0
M216T665metabolite content traitconcentration unit418DAAR6.85
M130T666metabolite content traitconcentration unit418DAAR5.34
M172T666metabolite content traitconcentration unit418DAAR7.58
Li7lithium concentrationgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit16212Ion Concentration30.24885451
B11boron concentrationgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit16206Ion Concentration156.72832965
Na23sodium concentrationgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit16182Ion Concentration793.174501583