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Arabidopsis thaliana
Marcus Koch
Collected on:
48.3 / 14.45
CS number:
Scored in 540 phenotypes:
Phenotype NameTrait Ontology (TO)Environmental Ontoloy (EO)Unit Ontology (UO)# valuesStudyValue (mean)
Width 22plant widthgrowth chamber studycentimeter175Atwell et. al, Nature 20109.9
Storage 56 daysseed dormancygrowth chamber studypercent110Atwell et. al, Nature 201035.0
YEL leaf chlorosisgrowth chamber studydimensionless unit95Atwell et. al, Nature 20100.0
FLCflowering time traitgrowth chamber studyratio167Atwell et. al, Nature 20100.116
FT16days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday193Atwell et. al, Nature 201044.0
FT10days to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday194Atwell et. al, Nature 201051.0
FT Duration GHreproductive growth timegrowth chamber studyday147Atwell et. al, Nature 201020.6717
Se82selenium concentrationgrowth chamber studyconcentration unit93Atwell et. al, Nature 20106.62669
LDVdays to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday168Atwell et. al, Nature 201025.0
Noco2protist disease resistancegrowth chamber studydimensionless unit87Atwell et. al, Nature 20100.0
8W GH LNleaf numbergrowth chamber studycount unit163Atwell et. al, Nature 201015.6
0Wdays to flowering traitgrowth chamber studyday137Atwell et. al, Nature 201029.0
MT GHreproductive growth timegrowth chamber studyday147Atwell et. al, Nature 201015.2726
After Vern Growthrelative growth rategrowth chamber studyratio110Atwell et. al, Nature 20100.152667
Aphid numberaphid resistancegrowth chamber studycount unit94Atwell et. al, Nature 201013.3
LN22leaf numbergrowth chamber studycount unit176Atwell et. al, Nature 201016.0
Bs CFU2bacterial disease resistancegrowth chamber studycolony forming unit175Atwell et. al, Nature 20103.691
avrRpt2bacterial disease resistancegrowth chamber studydimensionless unit89Atwell et. al, Nature 20101.0
Hypocotyl lengthseedling hypocotyl lengthgrowth chamber studycentimeter89Atwell et. al, Nature 20104.77
Germ 22days to germinategrowth chamber studyday177Atwell et. al, Nature 20102.0