Accession: ÖMö2-1
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Arabidopsis thaliana
Magnus Nordborg
Collected on:
56.14 / 15.78
CS number:
Scored in 288 phenotypes:
Phenotype NameTrait Ontology (TO)Environmental Ontoloy (EO)Unit Ontology (UO)# valuesStudyValue (mean)
DTF sweden 2009 (1st experiment)days to flowering traitday479Flowering time in simulated seasons79.0
DTF spain 2008 (2nd experiment)days to flowering traitday359Flowering time in simulated seasons95.5
DTF sweden 2009 (2nd experiment)days to flowering traitday480Flowering time in simulated seasons115.25
DTF sweden 2008 (2nd experiment)days to flowering traitday360Flowering time in simulated seasons98.75
M216T665metabolite content traitconcentration unit418DAAR11.69
M130T666metabolite content traitconcentration unit418DAAR9.68
M172T666metabolite content traitconcentration unit418DAAR13.4
Mean(R) Croot branchinglaboratory studyunit190Control (C) treatment5.0785
Mean(LRL) Clateral root lengthlaboratory studymillimeter190Control (C) treatment0.6235
Mean( Clateral root numberlaboratory studycount unit190Control (C) treatment1.8
Mean(P2) Croot lengthlaboratory studymillimeter190Control (C) treatment16.0718
Mean(LRD P) Croot mass densitylaboratory studymass density unit190Control (C) treatment0.0583
Mean(LRD R) Croot mass densitylaboratory studymass density unit190Control (C) treatment0.1129
Mean(TLRL) Clateral root lengthlaboratory studymillimeter190Control (C) treatment1.5252
Mean(TRL) Croot lengthlaboratory studymillimeter190Control (C) treatment31.7305
Mean(LRR) Croot mass densitylaboratory studymass density unit190Control (C) treatment0.0493
FT Diameter Fieldleaf numbergrowth chamber studylength unit180Atwell et. al, Nature 201022.7254
At2 CFU2bacterial disease resistancegrowth chamber studycolony forming unit175Atwell et. al, Nature 20104.566
Leaf serr 16leaf margin serratedgrowth chamber studydimensionless unit176Atwell et. al, Nature 20100.0
Seed bank 133-91seed dormancygrowth chamber studydimensionless unit110Atwell et. al, Nature 201032.0814